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DiSC Application Mastery Series: Unleashing Training Excellence - Hippo Campuss
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DiSC Application Mastery Series: Unleashing Training Excellence

Are you ready to elevate your training expertise to new heights? Join our 12-month interactive webinar series, where we delve into the powerful world of DISC, equipping you to become a proficient facilitator across various applications. Led by our esteemed master facilitator, Akash Chander, this series is designed to unlock the full potential of DISC model and Everything DiSC assessments and empower you with valuable skills to create impactful training programs.

Micro-Learning Sessions: Unlocking the Power of Everything DiSC

Throughout this 12-month journey, you’ll explore the intricacies of 12 distinct DISC applications, each homing in on specific aspects of personal and professional development. From boosting emotional intelligence with Everything DiSC Agile EQ to empowering sales teams for success with Everything DiSC Sales, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into interpreting, debriefing, coaching, and training using the diverse range of Everything DiSC reports.

Key Benefits for Participants

  • Gain a profound understanding of the features of each Everything DiSC assessment.
  • Learn to design and develop content for in-person and virtual training programs.
  • Develop the confidence to structure your facilitation with best-in-class, tried, and tested methods.
  • Create a distinctive edge in your training portfolio with various Everything DiSC applications.
  • Apply Everything DiSC learnings in real-life training programs, debriefs, and coaching sessions.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to expand your facilitation expertise and transform your training approach with Everything DiSC. Secure your spot now and embark on a transformative journey, becoming a versatile and proficient trainer for leadership, sales, managerial, and communication training programs. Together, let’s cultivate a world of effective leaders and high-performing teams!

Introduction to the Facilitator – Akash Chander

With a wealth of experience in training and development, Akash Chander is a seasoned master facilitator with a diverse background across industries. His unwavering passion for learning and development has enabled numerous professionals to enhance their training capabilities. As a specialist in Everything DiSC, Akash is committed to sharing his knowledge and best practices with aspiring trainers.

Creating Impactful Managers using Everything DiSC Management Profile

Delivering Effective Management Training Programs using Everything DiSC

Date: 19 Oct 2023, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Building a Personal Development Plan using Everything DiSC Workplace

Empower Growth and Self-Awareness with Objectivity

Date: 23 Nov 2023, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence using Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Unlocking Empathy, Adapting with Agility

Date: 21 Dec 2023, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Mastering Leadership Behaviors using Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Unlock Effective Leadership with DiSC Work of Leaders

Date: 18 Jan 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Playing on Conflicts using Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

Custom Conflict Mastery: Training Trainers with Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

Date: 15 Feb 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Creating a Common Language across the Organization using Everything DiSC Workplace

Building Unity: Everything DiSC Workplace for Organizational Communication

Date: 21 Mar 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Leadership Offsites powered by DiSC

Shaping Strategic Leaders, Uniting Teams

Date: 18 Apr 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Being a Good Team Member using Personal Development Profile

Unlocking Team Excellence through Personal Development Profiles

Date: 16 May 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Empowering Sales Teams for Success using Everything DiSC Sales

Mastering Sales with Everything DiSC

Date: 20 Jun 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Driving Directional Clarity in Executive Coaching

Guiding Executive Growth Through DiSC Insights

Date: 18 Jul 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Fostering Team Collaboration with Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

Elevate Collaboration: Everything DiSC Group Culture Report Workshop

Date: 22 Aug 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

Building Strategic Teams using Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Strategic Teams through Five Behaviors Mastery

Date: 19 Sep 2024, @ 03PM to 04PM IST

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