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Python-Savvy Data Wizards - Hippo Campuss
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Transform Data & Elevate Your Skills Through Python-Wizardry

Explore advanced data manipulation and analysis techniques using Python.

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2 hours

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What you will learn ?

  • Master advanced data manipulation techniques using Python's powerful libraries.
  • Gain proficiency in cleaning and preprocessing messy datasets for analysis.
  • Learn to create compelling data visualizations and effectively communicate insights.
  • Gain skills in exploratory data analysis and pattern discovery.
  • Develop expertise in applying machine learning algorithms for predictive modeling.
  • Gain the ability to make data-driven decisions and solve complex data analysis challenges.

Course Description

The Python-Savvy Data Wizards Program is a comprehensive training program designed to empower participants with advanced data manipulation and analysis skills using Python. This program is perfect for individuals who already have a basic understanding of Python and want to take their data handling abilities to the next level. Throughout the program, you will dive deep into the world of data manipulation, learning powerful techniques and libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. You will gain proficiency in performing complex data transformations, cleaning and preprocessing messy datasets, and extracting meaningful insights from large and diverse data sources. In addition to data manipulation, you will also explore the realms of data visualization and exploratory data analysis (EDA). You will master the art of creating stunning visualizations using Matplotlib and Seaborn, effectively communicating data-driven stories and patterns. Upon completion of the program, you will be equipped with the expertise to tackle complex data analysis tasks, make informed decisions based on data insights, and leverage Python's power to become proficient data wizards in your field.  

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Foundations of Python for Data Manipulation
  • Introduction to Python: Familiarization with Python programming fundamentals and syntax.
  • NumPy Essentials: Understanding NumPy arrays, vectorized operations, and numerical computations.
  • Pandas Mastery: Exploring Pandas for data manipulation, data cleaning, and handling missing values.
Module 2: Data Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Matplotlib and Seaborn: Creating visually appealing plots, charts, and graphs.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): Techniques for understanding data distributions, correlations, and outliers.
  • Interactive Visualizations: Utilizing libraries such as Plotly and Bokeh to build interactive visualizations.
Module 3: Advanced Data Manipulation and Preprocessing 
  • Advanced Pandas Techniques: Handling complex data structures, merging, grouping, and reshaping data.
  • Data Cleaning and Preprocessing: Dealing with inconsistent data, handling duplicates, and scaling features.
  • Handling Text and Categorical Data: Techniques for encoding categorical variables and text preprocessing.
Module 4: Machine Learning with Python
  • Introduction to Machine Learning: Understanding the basics of supervised and unsupervised learning.
  • Scikit-learn Essentials: Implementing popular machine learning algorithms for classification and regression tasks.
  • Model Evaluation and Hyperparameter Tuning: Assessing model performance and optimizing algorithm parameters.
Module 5: Statistical Analysis and Advanced Topics
  • Statistical Techniques in Python: Conducting hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and statistical inference.
  • Time Series Analysis: Analyzing temporal data, forecasting, and seasonality detection.
  • Big Data Handling: Introduction to distributed computing frameworks like Apache Spark for large-scale data processing.

Who is This Course For?

  • Individuals with a basic understanding of Python who want to advance their data manipulation and analysis skills.
  • Data analysts or data scientists looking to enhance their proficiency in handling and analyzing complex datasets.
  • Professionals seeking to improve their data visualization and communication abilities using Python.
  • Individuals interested in applying machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling techniques to solve data-related challenges.
  • Anyone who wants to make data-driven decisions, gain insights from data, and excel in data analysis tasks using Python.

Course Benefits

  • Master advanced data manipulation techniques and unleash Python's power for handling complex datasets efficiently.
  • Gain proficiency in creating impactful visualizations and effectively communicating data-driven insights to stakeholders.
  • Acquire the skills to apply machine learning algorithms for predictive modeling and make data-driven decisions.
  • Unlock the ability to extract valuable insights, solve complex data analysis challenges, and excel in your data-related endeavors.


  • Good Internet Connection
  • Mobile/Laptop/PC
  • Basic understanding of Python
  • Passion for learning
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Hippo Campuss


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Course Currilcum

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